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ScoreOne parts guideYour ScoreOne™ comes fully assembled and ready for use. Use the diagram to reference parts while operating.

1 - Drive Roller
2 - Cutter Head
3 - Pressure Adjustment Knob (red)
4 - Height Adjustment Knob (white)
5 - Lift Lever
6 - Hand Wheel

Scoring Glass

Insert glass under the cutter by depressing the lever (5) on the machine right. This raises and lowers the cutting head.

Place the glass on the rubber drive roller (1), aligning the cutter head with your pattern line. Gently release the lever bringing the cutting head down onto the glass. CAUTION: It is important that the cutter head is raised before inserting the glass. Forcing the glass under the wheel will damage the drive tread.

Now is the time to adjust for the glass texture and cutting pressure. Run a test on scrap glass when changing glass types. You want the score to be a continuous light scratch on the glass surface.

If the head is too high it can skip over spots, especially on textured glasses and make an uneven score. If it’s set too low you will create a heavy score with chips and slivers. Decrease tension by turning the white knob (4) clockwise to raise it. Increase tension by turning the knob counterclockwise to lower the head position.

The red pressure adjusting knob (3) controls the amount of pressure the carbide head puts on the glass. Turning the knob clockwise increases pressure, creating a deeper score. Turning counterclockwise decreases the pressure applied, lightening the score.

Now rotate the hand wheel (6) to feed the glass under the scoring wheel away from you, while your other hand guides it along the pattern line. You can go as fast or slow as need be, even stopping in mid score. Unlike hand held cutters, the head will stay exactly where you stopped and then continue the score.

That is all there is to operating your ScoreOne™. With a little practice you’ll find scoring fast and easy.


Cutting Head: The cutter head is designed with a hole that a simple (smokers) pipe cleaner can be inserted into for removing accumulated glass chips and cutting debris. This keeps the wheel rotating freely. Keep corrosive materials like soldering flux away from your ScoreOne™.

Lubrication: You periodically need to lubricate the axle the carbide wheel rotates on. Using a cutting fluid like RinsesOff™ (#50057) or plain mineral oil, take a short 3/4" length of pipe cleaner, dip it in lubricant and insert it into the hole in the head. This acts as a wick to keep the wheel oiled. Then bend the wick back up out of your line of site.

Cutter Head Replacement: The cutter head supplied with your machine will eventually wear and need replacement. When simple scores don’t break easily or the head appears to "skip" when making a score it is probably time to replace the head.

1) Partially remove the Phillips screw holding the hand knob (6) in place. Give the knob a light tap to loosen, then remove the screw and pull the knob off.

2) Pull the drive roller (1) forward out of the body about 2 inches.

3) Insert a small nail or wire into the hole in the cutter head and force downward to remove.

4) Replace with the new cutter head.

5) Push the drive wheel back in place.

6) Refasten the hand wheel (6).

Rubber Drive Treads: Clean treads with a little acetone (non-oily nail polish remover). Be careful not to get it on the body, it will stain the surface. You can remove the tread and turn it inside out for a second life span. Replace the tread by lifting an edge with your fingernail and peel it off the hub (1). The replacement just stretches back in place.

Replacement Parts
Part Name Part No
Cutter Head  50051
Drive Tread 3/8" 50053

Popular Accessories

Circle / Strip Accessory #50056: Designed specifically for use with your ScoreOne™ to make strips and circles without interfering with its normal operation. Make circles from 1 1/2" to 13" in diameter and create strips as narrow as 3/8" up to 3" wide.

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