TwinSpin combination grinder 1995 to current

Inland #2007x, TwinSpin Grinder
115V 60 Hz and 230/240V 50 Hz
Manufactured 1995 - May 2009, discontinued

Replacement Parts Available:
#50081 White Grinder Work Surface
#40036, ¾" Standard BitSert
#40041, 1" Standard BitSert
#40035, ¾" InvisibleSponge BitSert
#40040, 1" InvisibleSponge BitSert

  • Combination standard grinder and disc grinder.
  • TouchTop™ work surface, LiftOff™ reservoir; reversible work surface.
  • Fits all ¾" and 1" diamond bits and smaller drilling heads and Inland 5" diamond discs and polishing disc.
  • Compatible with all Inland accessories including: BevelerKit™, GrinderStation™, SecondStory Work Surface™, ThumbSavers™, FaceShield™, MagnaShield™, FlexShaft™, SuperJet™ Cooling System, DropOn™ Diamond Bits, InvisibleSponge™ BitSert™, 30°-60°-90° Tool.
  • This machine has been discontinued.
  • TwinSpin User Guide (PDF)

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